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About Us

We are one of 200 plus non-profit chapters of the Hearing Loss Association of America, the nation's foremost membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss, 48 million Americans share this status. Hearing loss is now thought to be reaching epidemic proportions in America, including approximately 30 per cent of those over age 20!



*Education for those who have or live with or care for those who are hard of hearing

*Training so that we can prevent future hearing loss through emphasis on reducing noise              

 *Advocacy on behalf of the hard of hearing

*Information about new technologies, devices, gadgets and means available

*Support through donors and volunteers ready to assist this growing segment of our population. 


The Treasure Coast Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association began forming in September, 2007 and plans to grow to represent all of the counties in the Treasure Coast, reaching out to the young and old, working, disabled and retired.

Help us grow by becoming a VoluntEar (see list) or AmbassadEar, providing funds for mailings, promotional event tables and costs, printing, and other important needed items.  See contact information or join us at a meeting to sign up!

Chapter Motto:  "Save Tomorrow's Hearing Today"


For your information:

There are an estimated 48 million people in America with hearing loss, and because of increased noise and baby boomers coming into their twilight years, that # is expected to almost double in less than 25 years. It is now estimated that 30% of those over 20 have a hearing loss! It is also now estimated that one in five teenagers has some hearing loss.  Hearing loss affects more American families than any other chronic health condition; 60% of those with hearing loss are working age.

Did you know that over 1/3 to 1/2 of the cases of hearing impairment are caused by noise? That there is no public policy in trying to counter the marketplace trend toward super-loud music. We need to DO SOMETHING!  Come to a meeting and find out what can be done.

And up to another 1/3 of cases are caused by OTC and prescription drugs?  Do you know which drugs to watch out for?  Information on this and other hearing-related topics are discussed at our meetings. 

Did you also know that 5% of Hearing loss cases are helped medically or surgically.  Hearing loss is a daily challenge that can be overcome, but it takes awareness and support to get the education and information to the 95% whose hearing still needs help, including those who have or need hearing aids. There is new technology available, and more coming out consistently to make their lives better, but they need to find out about it. Phones, cellphones, smoke alarms and other devices that they CAN hear are issues being brought to the forefront.  Find out more - go to an HLAA meeting!  Or view our website at


We Need You - Join the Hearing Loss Association of America and see what becoming part of this great organization can do!

The Hearing Loss Association of America
Treasure Coast Chapter
Needs VoluntEars for the following talents:

*Computer Savvy
*Phone calls to members
*Newsletter/editorial/graphic artist
*Guest Speakers
*Technology Rep
*Fund Raising
*Non-Profit financial experience
*Public Relations

Can YOU help?  Text (772) 468-0123 or e-mail
and THANKS!!


Note:  Our website for our Chapter is a work in progress.  Please check back often for updates and new information!



Treasure Coast Chapter/Hearing Loss Association of America

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