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Welcome to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the country’s leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss. As a member of HLAA you are part of an organization with a mission to provide information, support and advocacy to people with hearing loss. Through our advocacy work at the federal level, we represent  millions of  people with hearing loss in the United States. See the video HLAA – Teamwork for Hearing Loss Awareness for information about HLAA.

We offer complimentary membership to OIF and OEF veterans.

In order for local Chapters to promote the mission of HLAA and thereby increase awareness nationwide about hearing loss and help build revenue for Chapters to promote the HLAA purpose at the local level, a New Member Recruitment Rebate Program began,  It applies only to first-time, new national members recruited by Chapters, and not to renewals. 

The Treasure Coast Chapter, as a 501 (c) (3) status Chapter, has accepted the challenge to help do more at the local level for the hard of hearing and deaf by participating in this program.  Therefore, by submitting your new membership through the Chapter, part of the membership fee will help the Treasure Coast Chapter help the Treasure Coast area.

 You may join online through, please specify Treasure Coast Chapter, or come to a meeting and fill out the form and turn it in there - we will send it in for you. 



Our Volunteer Story:

In May, 2008, my husband and I found out about the Hearing Loss Association of America, a non-profit organization with about 200 Chapters (all volunteer) nationwide, and worked at forming a new Chapter from May until September of that year, when our Chapter Charter was issued.  Though my husband’s health has declined since then, and has now passed away, he was by my side while we’ve worked on building the Chapter, holding an average of two meetings a month, except during the slow summertime.  Getting the word out to the approximately 90,000 people on the Treasure Coast of Florida who have hearing loss is not easy, and I am still hard at it.


My passion is to help them “Save Tomorrow’s Hearing Today” – in fact we have adopted that as our Chapter motto.


You see, I have learned, since I started working on the research for scheduling of topics and speakers necessary for Chapter meetings, that up to one third of hearing loss is caused by noise, and up to another third of the cases of hearing loss is caused by side effects from over the counter and prescription drugs.  So, in working toward the purposes of our organization (information, education, support and advocacy), we can spread the word and help everyone (those with hearing loss and those without) to preserve their hearing, we will be enacting our Chapter’s motto.


Setting up topics (everything from “How to read your Audiogram” to “Tinnitus” and all kinds of things in-between, and speakers for meetings (sometimes myself), obtaining informational brochures, writing articles and flyers publicizing our meetings, sending letters to the editor of the local newspaper about hearing-related issues, is just a start of the monthly tasks I go through to organize the Chapter’s meetings (currently one Saturday a month in Vero Beach, FL.  I have also organized our participation in health and volunteer fairs and other events that help us help others.  I created our Chapter’s “Hard of Hearing – Speak Clearly” badges and obtained donations to produce them and give them to anyone who needs one.


I get dismayed when I think of how people everyday are not protecting their hearing by watching out for noise or drug side effects, and then find out they lost part of their hearing – too late.  We can do something about this, but it will take more than just my passion and effort.  It needs to be a global effort – over ten per cent of people in our country and even more in Europe have a hearing loss.  It is the fastest growing “epidemic”.  Even China and Ecuador are working on programs to help their people with hearing loss.


Because I can only do so much, we need your help.

Can you help our Chapter?:


Cheryl  Nolte




Treasure Coast Chapter/Hearing Loss Association of America

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