Lip Reading Classes

  1. Our Chapter has produced a Practical Lip Reading presentation for DVD, flash drive and YouTube distribution, with the support of the Fort Pierce Lions Club, our Lip Reading Class Co-Sponsor, and Grace Lutheran Church, who was our site and tech host for production. All distribution is with the encouragement of donations to one or more of these three entities. The link to the Practical Lip Reading presentation is (link) and is given after completing the registration/donation form. Any donation amount is accepted.
  2. Upcoming Lip Reading classes online (Zoom) will be announced here.
  3. Upcoming Lip Reading classes in person (location TBA) will be announced here.


Lip Reading Class Comments – quoted directly from Lip Reading 101 Final Survey (copies available upon request)

Very satisfying experience.


I am so thankful to have the opportunity to join this class! I love our Instructor, Cheryl – she is fabulous!


Cheryl makes the class fun and added many interesting hearing related stories that gave a lot of insight into the needs of people with hearing loss and the benefits of good communication.


Very pleased. Wish I had taken lip reading sooner.


This class has been a tremendous help.  I’m inspired to keep learning.


Instructor is extremely well prepared, organized and knowledgeable in her field of expertise.  She controls the flow of information & communication very well under difficult circumstances.  Overall – a Ph.D. professor in the field of communication disorders and interventions!


Very well organized and presented. Instructor was disciplined and motivated.


What the student gains is proportionate to the time & effort they put in. Cheryl Nolte is first-rate. Thanks so much for the class!


This was a very interesting course. Cheryl is fun, a super instructor an, a fun person and super smart!


Excellent course given in a professional manner while staying on topic – provided many new ways for me to decipher words thru body language & identify topic & emotions. I am interested in another course after I digest this one – excellent teacher who kept my attention and appreciation. She “cares” about each student – her handout materials I will treasure. She provided a fine mirror, paper for notes – she is great!


Instructor, Cheryl Nolte, met all my goals and then some!

J. Leonard

Cheryl is an excellent instructor.  She presents information clearly and thoroughly.  Her use of stories often funny or sometimes sad, is very effective to drive home her points.  She is very knowledgeable about this topic.  She has a great passion for her life and her work.  Thank you so much!


One word – Excellent!