Hearing Health & Technology News


  • PhonoGraft – A new biomimetic hearing-restoration technology resulting in a 3D-printed eardrum graft developed through a six-year effort in Harvard University’s translational research environment, is closer to availability.

The PhonoGraft device is a 3D-printed, biocompatible graft that could be implanted to repair a damaged eardrum.  Exciting news for anyone who has suffered or is suffering from a perforated eardrum.

  • Action Alert – Now here is an Action Alert – Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids – Congress Needs to Hear From YOU!

HLAA has been meeting with members of Congress, encouraging them to vote YES! to expand Medicare to include hearing aids and services. New legislation is coming up soon that we hope will include a provision for hearing health care under Medicare. That would mean for the first time, people who rely on Medicare to pay their medical bills would also be able to turn to Medicare to cover the cost of hearing aids and related services.

Let your voice be heard – tell your Senators and Congress members that hearing health care is important – for a link to find your elected officials, go to:

Action Alert: Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids-Congress Needs to Hear from You! – Hearing Loss Association of America

Make your email short and to the point. Emphasize your personal experience with hearing aids, and your support for Medicare coverage of hearing aids. Don’t wait – do it now!

  • OTC Hearing Aids – President Biden released an executive order on July 9 urging the FDA to issue the proposed rules for over-the-counter hearing aids. These devices will be for adults only with mild to moderate hearing loss. While we wait for these rules, people are confounded by the array of products available. Without rules in place, how do consumers know which products will work?

This blog post, Understanding the Cost of Hearing Aids, by Thomas Powers, Ph.D. provides some excellent information on this issue to help protect consumers who are evaluating their options.

As Dr. Powers states in his blog post, “In recent months, 16 State Attorneys General have issued consumer alerts urging citizens to exercise caution when purchasing Direct-to- Consumer hearing products given the growing popularity, availability and confusion about the products. It is important to remember that hearing aids are medical devices that currently must meet FDA standards/regulations to be safe and effective for the wearer.”