Meetings commence on the first Saturday of the month, 10:30AM ET (7:30AM PT), currently on Zoom. To receive an invite link, email the Chapter at


Thanks to our Guest Speaker for our April 2 meeting: on Support or No Support – What the Difference is for those with Hearing Loss and their families.


Our next meeting will not be until September 2022, due to a conflict with the May meeting date.

Thanks to Raenn Brandt for being our guest speaker on Saturday, February 5, 2022, our first meeting of the year – (no January meeting because the first Saturday of the month was New Year’s Day).

I do have topics already we can hopefully show in the fall, but you will need another President to take over by then. This is a message called “make or break time”.

Let me know if you want to volunteer to help the Chapter – it may only take an hour or two a month of your time. That could include meeting times.

4. The recent listing of members that I received for our Chapter shows current members and those who were members in the past but did not renew. If you are not current, please consider rejoining or renewing before the Convention time.

The decision about our Chapter continuing will need to be made by then. Our BOD needs more current members to volunteer and be part of the Board to sustain a Chapter, and because of past interest in hearing loss, tinnitus, and lip reading, you are receiving this email.

5. I have been President of this Chapter since we were formed in 2007.
We have:
A. Co-sponsored two symposiums about hearing loss and tinnitus
B. Co-sponsored and have hosted many (over 150) students for lip reading classes. Word got out about our classes, and students have attended from far parts of Florida, as well as online from California, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and those are just the ones I recall offhand. Of course, if they became members of HLAA afterward, it would be with the Chapter nearest their location (still a good thing!).
C. Researched, assembled, and produced (thank you Lisa for your major help with proofreading and suggestions), the Hearing Resource Guide for the Treasure Coast.
D. We have featured interesting speakers and topics, both in-person and online, for the Chapter and invited others to listen in as well.
E. We have learned so much, technology has come so far and is advancing so fast, it is actually hard to keep up (but exciting)!
F. We have met wonderful people who share our concerns and help us to know “You Are Not Alone”.

Now, due to the pandemic over the last two-plus years, we have had to try to continue online. Unfortunately, most of our members are elderly were or are not computer or Zoom-savvy, and we have even lost a few, sadly, to the virus. And not holding in-person meetings means more difficulty in promoting things to anyone not able to be online. Please consider being a “computer buddy” if you are able to help someone in need, so they can take advantage of things like Chapter meetings. I have sent emails before seeking help, with very limited response.
So, sadly, this may be the last call.

It would be SO GREAT to see the Chapter continue under new leadership. It is time for that! If you know someone who might be interested, even if you can’t be – pass the word and have them contact me.

Trusting you to stay safe and well through the summer, and really hoping to hear back from a group of you wishing to continue the Chapter. It is now in your cumulative hands.




Note:  The 2022 HLAA Convention will be in Tampa the third week of June!  Registration has begun, early registration ends April  1 (less cost).  Email the Chapter for more info.  The exhibit hall is free and there is so much great information to learn and gadgets to try!  Hope to see you there.